Poetry of Wesley Sims

My second chapbook – Taste of Change

This book is largely about change. Change in the natural world as we observe the daily happenings from sunrise to sunset, as we move through the cycles of nature, especially the seasons, from the mostly drab colors of winter to the glorious riot of color that sets the woods ablaze in autumn. And also change as it relates to creatures like birds and animals in the world around us. The book is also about change with people, their attitudes and emotions, their response to the stages of life, to the challenges and conditions that beset most of us as we journey through life, and watch others as they journey, whether through school or illnesses or other impactful events, as we move inexorably to the ultimate change in death.

My third chapbook – A Pocketful of Little Poems

This is a small collection (chapbook) of small poems, half of them mostly blank verse poems on miscellaneous subjects and half of them Haiku or sets of Haiku. Most of the poems have a nature theme/subject.

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About Me

Wesley Sims has published three chapbooks of poetry: When Night Comes, Finishing Line Press, Georgetown, Kentucky, 2013; Taste of Change, Iris Press, Oak Ridge, TN, 2019; and A Pocketful of Little Poems, Amazon, 2020. 

His work has appeared in Artemis JournalBewildering Stories, Connecticut Review, G.W. Review, Liquid Imagination, Pine Mountain Sand and Gravel, Plum Tree Tavern, Novelty MagazinePoem, Poetry Quarterly, Time of Singing, The South Carolina Review, and several others.